I recently thought about abandoning my current way of platform-independent building and switching to CMake. However, after looking into it, I decided that it is actually easier to adapt my SCons scripts for my purposes because it's essentially Python (which is prettier and more versatile than CMake's own language).

Also, I needed a build system which works around a few issues I had making something that is actually portable between Windows, Linux and MacOS, detects some C++ libraries I use, and runs unit tests automatically.

I uploaded the project bsponmpi_template to Github. It contains a small set of scripts to use SCons for detecting a few libraries for C++ programming, and to run unit tests automatically.

You will need:

  • SCons for making/compiling the project

For writing parallel code, you need:

Additionally, you can have Scons check for any of these:

Perhaps this is useful as a starting point for anyone else wanting to use Bsponmpi or just needs a Scons way to detect Boost/TBB/MPI.