A while ago I created a set of Ruby scripts called Sassy-Helpers to help automating some tasks when working with larger ODE models. Initially, I just wanted some script to convert back and forth between SASSy models and XPP-Auto.

For converting to a wider range of output formats, there is VFGen by Warren Weckesser, which has a lot of useful features (like computing the Model Jacobian using a symbolic maths library) and supports many more output formats. Therefore, I have added VFGen's XML format as an output format.

Other new features are:

  • Parameter manipulation:
    sassyconvert model.ode model.vf --informat xpp --outformat vfgen --set p1=2
  • Parameter removal/replacing parameters by their numeric value (e.g. to make things work more smoothly with Auto) -- the following will remove all parameters but p1:
    sassyconvert model.ode model.vf --informat xpp --outformat vfgen --unparameterize-but p1

More documentation can be found at https://github.com/pkrusche/sassy-helpers and in the RDoc HTML files.