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/posts/22-01-2013-bsponmpi/ Parallel Programming in C++
/posts/28-02-2013-multicoloured-lines/ Matlab Multicoloured Lines
/posts/15-03-2013-sassy/ Converting between Matlab and XPP models
/posts/17-04-2013-bsponmpi_template/ Using SCons to detect Boost, MPI, TBB, Bsponmpi, and more.
/posts/01-05-2013-generic_factories_cpp/ A Generic Factory in C++
/posts/12-05-2013-line-clipping/ Clipping Lines to Rectangular Viewports in MATLAB
/posts/29-07-2013-sassyhelpers/ New features in Sassy-helpers
/posts/08-11-2013-python-versions/ Git Version in Python
/posts/28-06-2014-clock_cellcycle/ Clock/Cell Cycle Paper on PNAS Early Access
/posts/16-02-2020-cleanup/ Blog Cleanup
/posts/13-03-2021-tech-repro-recommendations/ Dependencies with R and Python
/about/ About Me
/about/msc/ Experimental Evaluation of BSP Algorithms
/about/phd/ Parallel String Alignments
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